domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011


To the Authorities


Gravina in Puglia

We are the students of 5° “A” and 5° “B” of IV CIrcolo T.Fiore Primary School and we are kindly asking a little of your time to listen to our request.

Since last year we’re been working on a Comenius European Project about water’s importance called “Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink” with other European Partners:Spain, Germany, Danmark, Belgium, UK, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy. During the project time, we wonder how much the water is a protect resource in our territory: well! What we have found out isn’t positive at all! Because just out of Gravina, there are open – sky sewers and in the historical center of Gravina there’s a wonderful torrent which flows on a bed of rubbish. What we ask You is an intervention in order to save the health of all Gravina’s citizens: You should check waste water, in order to avoid underground’s pollution and to safeguard the beauty of our landscape, cleaning the torrent and making, in this way, the “Gravina” comes back a natural spectacle. Besides, thanks to this project, we’re taking awareness of water’s importance and of how often it is wasted because of our behaviour.

A thing now is clear: the water is a too much precious good, and that’s why it must be safeguarded and protected from any form of pollution.

We would like to take the opportunity for inform You that our european partners will be guests in our city from 28th of March to 1st of April 2011, so we ask You to meet the foreign delegation in our town hall, during their stay in Gravina. Thank You for your availability and we wish You a good work.

Best Regards

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