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Kindergarden D: Dance "In the sea"
Kindergarden A: Play "When we go to the beach"
1st and 2nd level D: Poems about water.
1st level A: Play "To the water little little ducks" and song "Water is life"
3rd level D: Dance "The wave" and song "Watereverywhere"
2nd level A: Play "The seagull"
3rd level A: song "Water rap"
1st secondary: Melody with flute "Titanic"
2nd secondary: Summer dance.

All the Educative Comunity "One Sky", Comenius song by John Murray.

Water day celebration from Yolanda Egea on Vimeo.

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Thank you all :o)

Thank you for a great week in Belgium. It was a fantastic final to the project.
Our students have some unforgetable memories from the families who hosted them.
Thanks to everyone in the project.
From the danish vikings :o)

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BS De Schorre 'walks for water'

The students of BS De Schorre chose to support the WASH program of UNICEF in Malawi. WASH - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for all!
5000: so many children die every day from unsafe water and poor hygiene. By using soap can this number be halved. Other 'tools' of Unicef: sugar and salt, dehydration from diarrhea. The use of
water purification tablets and the importance of information for local populations is necessary.

Under this action UNICEF visited the school. For students the second and third degree was given a guest lecture followed by a WaSH game.
After watching a film about life in Malawi, all students were convinced: pure water is precious, do not waste it! So do not forget to wash your hands. But excludes tap quickly, because every drop counts!

To WaSH program of UNICEF support, walked students, teachers and supporters on Friday, March 25 6 km. Millions of people need every day average 6 km steps to collect water for their basic services.
The students were sponsored and brought to this meeting € 616.23 in favor of the WaSH program.

More information:

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Light, excellent work and kindness in Gravina in Plugia. We really give our best gratitude to Lia, Comenius coordinator in Italy, to Andrea, the Headteacher, and all the teachers, pupils and parents who cooperate in our Project with so much enthusiasm. We can not forget Dear Inspector of Education with all the support to Circolo Didattico Tommaso Fiore and the moments He spent with us at school. However, once more, all the partners from the differents European countries did a great job with the cooperation and efford in their own school and in our meetings abroad. Thanks again.


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Water and animals - Water and pleasure.

Washing feets in clean water -Happy Easter from the Danish Comenius colleges

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Italian Life style

Dear Lia & Italian Comenius collegues.

The 3 Danish Vikings want to thank you with all our heart for a fantastic Life learning week in Gravina in Puglia.
:-) best regards Oooowwe,
Bent and Kirsten

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Our sailor' s trip to Italy

Dear Lia,
We will say thankyou for your warm welcome and caríng. We saw a lot of Italian life at school and towns. We enjoyed everything very much. Greetings to all the great pupils and the nice colleques.
Kathrin and Ursula

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This is our big poster made on the waterday by pupils from one to six. They worked for the topic on aday and present the results on this poster.We all learnt a lot. Kathrin and Ursula are looking forward to see all the sailors in Italy.

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Hi everybody

Better later than never. We enjoyed our trip to Slovenia tremendously and so did our pupils. They have written the letters below.
Betty, Kirsten and Tine

Written by Julie Haugstrup

I think that our trip to Slovenia has been exciting. All the things that I have seen and the people that I have met. I think that the Slovene people have been so nice to us and I am thankful for that. I hope that more kids/young people will get the same opportunity as me, because you are getting stronger as a person and you learn to take more care of yourself and of other people. You also learn to communicate with other people in English and explain in an other way if there is someone who do not understand you or you do not understand them.
The girl I stayed with was so nice to me and her family too. And they helped me to get a fantastic stay. If I needed anything, I just ask them and they helped me the best they could, so thanks for that. One of hundred good things they did, was that they learned me some thing about their culture and the city they lived in.
Of course there are some cultural differences but I think that we have a lot in common Slovenia and Denmark. And that is a good example of that we are all people. One of the biggest challenges was the food, because the Slovene traditional food and the Danish traditional food have nothing in common. But I only find it interesting to taste some other things and see how other people are doing traditional things.

Written by Julie Pedersen

I think it was fun, challenging and exiting to be in Slovenia. It was fun to see another culture than ours. I think it was fun to talk English a lot. I have learned a lot of English on this trip. The family I lived in was sweet and nice and I have had a very good time. I was so happy to live with them in the week. I have got some good friends from another country it is really nice. I think it was good there also because we met some students from other countries. It was a very nice experience. We were in a cinema and see Due Date, it was fun to come home and say to my brother when he saw the movie at the premiere that I had seen it. I didn’t understand all they said but I understood most of it. It was an extremely good opening show both in the evening and the morning! It was fun that they had made a dance from the different countries. In Slovenia they like to decorate their trees outside with Christmas candles and it was very beautiful. I am so happy to get this chance to come to another country and learn a lot.

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official letter

Grundschule „Geschwister Scholl“ Perleberg


NABU Besucherzentrum
Neuhaus 9
19322 Rühstädt
Perleberg, März 2011

During our two years work in the EUROPEAN COMENIUS PROJECT “Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink” we have learned a lot about water.
For example: We visited the waterwork which is supplying the drinking water for the town of Perleberg and its villages nearby.
It was very interesting to get to know that only about 1% of the total amount of water on earth is fresh water, also called sweet water!
And in Germany, each person uses at least 100 litres per day!
That is a lot. And we can be sure that we get pure fresh water, because many people in these waterworks care for that.
But millions of people, especially the poor in Africa and Southeast Asia, they don’t have pure and healthy water to drink. They get ill by drinking polluted water.
What can we do?
We don’t waste water, when we do our daily washing and cleaning.
We take care of our clothes. If we want to play outside, we will take older clothes for that reason. So they don’t have to be washed every day.
We don’t pour any things into the toilet or into the wash basin that could pollute our drinking water.
It is good for all of us that people like you are engaged in protecting our environment. Thank you for your work. We wish you a successful work!

The Comenius group

viernes, 18 de febrero de 2011

Links about enjoying water in Germany: spa places and aquarium

Dear sailors!
Enjoy our places of fun and health with water.
Thermal spa



domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011


To the Authorities


Gravina in Puglia

We are the students of 5° “A” and 5° “B” of IV CIrcolo T.Fiore Primary School and we are kindly asking a little of your time to listen to our request.

Since last year we’re been working on a Comenius European Project about water’s importance called “Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink” with other European Partners:Spain, Germany, Danmark, Belgium, UK, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy. During the project time, we wonder how much the water is a protect resource in our territory: well! What we have found out isn’t positive at all! Because just out of Gravina, there are open – sky sewers and in the historical center of Gravina there’s a wonderful torrent which flows on a bed of rubbish. What we ask You is an intervention in order to save the health of all Gravina’s citizens: You should check waste water, in order to avoid underground’s pollution and to safeguard the beauty of our landscape, cleaning the torrent and making, in this way, the “Gravina” comes back a natural spectacle. Besides, thanks to this project, we’re taking awareness of water’s importance and of how often it is wasted because of our behaviour.

A thing now is clear: the water is a too much precious good, and that’s why it must be safeguarded and protected from any form of pollution.

We would like to take the opportunity for inform You that our european partners will be guests in our city from 28th of March to 1st of April 2011, so we ask You to meet the foreign delegation in our town hall, during their stay in Gravina. Thank You for your availability and we wish You a good work.

Best Regards

Mobility in Slovenia

Sorry for the delay of this my post, but I wish to thank all the Slovenian friends for the nice time and the enjoyable experiences had in Slovenia. We have learned a lot from your schools. A big thank to Tina , the Headmistress and the entire staff working in Slovenian school. You were very welcoming and excellent! Everything was fantastic!
Andrea Altieri and Rosalia Petrocelli

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Dear Sailors,
theses are some ideas for the drawings children must create for "Water and light" work. These pictures have a high quality, so please enjoy them.

Best regards from Yolanda Egea.

domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

Slovenian mobility

Dear friends,

The week from 6th- 10th December was a great and memorable experience. I think my colleagues and our students did their best to show you our school life, our friendliness and our openess.We also tried to show you a small part of our country. I think we will all keep this week in a nice memory.

Hope to have a nice experience in Italy, too. It will be very nice to see you all again.

Keep working on the project but also enjoy life! The days pass by too quickly and so does our project...

Best wishes.
Tina Šenica ( Slovene coordinator)


lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010

“It deserves another visit”

I never imagined Comenius could be such a rewarding experience for me.
I would like to emphasize the hospitality of its people that made us feel like one more in that country.
Thanks to Lili and her family for taking us at home. You are so charming!

Just like I’m very grateful to Tina (Slovenian’s coordinator) for all her dedication and enthusiasm in everything that she organized. From the activities in the school to those we can enjoyed in the beautiful surroundings. She was attentive to every one of us at all times.
Big thank you!
Gloria Araque (Dehesas de Guadix- Spain)

viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

Thank you! Five stars for Denmark and Slovenia!

Dear friends, thank you for your great caring during our comenius meetings in Denmark and Slovenia. In Denmark we enjoyed very much our staying in the families and the program for our students. In Slovenia we were very impressed about the school building and the very special sights. We felt very welcomed in both of the countries because of your great hospitality. We wish all partners a Merry Christmas time and a happy new year. Ursula, Berit, Yvonne, Peter

domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010


Denmark has a very interesting
measures for student well-being and motivation.
As we could see in RAVNSHOLTSKOLEN School, they use a special model
that combines traditional teaching methods with other active projects that create a learning environment. The teacher’s role is very
flexible and this helps provide high
levels of intrinsic motivation. At the school, we could see how the the Green Caravan project worked, in small groups and using constructive methodogy. Children had to research different proposals, such as renewable energy, global warming effects, growing plants and small ecosystem, or the difference between nature and quimical products we can find in the shops for our nutrition. We can not forget the Nature House
"Vestre Hus Bornenaturcenter", where we could enjoy discovering how the children got closer to alife animals and insects thanks to the great biologist Bjørli Martha Lehrmann.
So many interesting ideas! Sure we are dedicating one week in Spring time at school, call the "the Green Week" to show our pupils new ways of working, the Danish way in C.P.R. Al-Dehecún- Spain.

Yolanda Egea Bernet (Dehesas de Guadix-Spain)