viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

Hi everybody

Better later than never. We enjoyed our trip to Slovenia tremendously and so did our pupils. They have written the letters below.
Betty, Kirsten and Tine

Written by Julie Haugstrup

I think that our trip to Slovenia has been exciting. All the things that I have seen and the people that I have met. I think that the Slovene people have been so nice to us and I am thankful for that. I hope that more kids/young people will get the same opportunity as me, because you are getting stronger as a person and you learn to take more care of yourself and of other people. You also learn to communicate with other people in English and explain in an other way if there is someone who do not understand you or you do not understand them.
The girl I stayed with was so nice to me and her family too. And they helped me to get a fantastic stay. If I needed anything, I just ask them and they helped me the best they could, so thanks for that. One of hundred good things they did, was that they learned me some thing about their culture and the city they lived in.
Of course there are some cultural differences but I think that we have a lot in common Slovenia and Denmark. And that is a good example of that we are all people. One of the biggest challenges was the food, because the Slovene traditional food and the Danish traditional food have nothing in common. But I only find it interesting to taste some other things and see how other people are doing traditional things.

Written by Julie Pedersen

I think it was fun, challenging and exiting to be in Slovenia. It was fun to see another culture than ours. I think it was fun to talk English a lot. I have learned a lot of English on this trip. The family I lived in was sweet and nice and I have had a very good time. I was so happy to live with them in the week. I have got some good friends from another country it is really nice. I think it was good there also because we met some students from other countries. It was a very nice experience. We were in a cinema and see Due Date, it was fun to come home and say to my brother when he saw the movie at the premiere that I had seen it. I didn’t understand all they said but I understood most of it. It was an extremely good opening show both in the evening and the morning! It was fun that they had made a dance from the different countries. In Slovenia they like to decorate their trees outside with Christmas candles and it was very beautiful. I am so happy to get this chance to come to another country and learn a lot.

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